Monday, August 25, 2008

Life of Reilly Update

I've been getting more emails lately asking about the status of the book so I figured it was update time.

During the summer, I had to stop working on all of the fun stuff like fact gathering and interviews because between creators enjoying their summer vacations and participating in comic cons it was difficult to get the interviews done. I was able to make a lot of headway into the restructuring of the book (the not so fun stuff).

The most difficult part of the book was always going to be making it read like on sequential story instead of the journal updates as they were originally reposted. I also have to insert a lot of the new comments from creators into various chapters of the book where they apply. I didn't want the book to just be a collected version of the old columns in the beginning and then a series of new interviews at the end. I want it to read like there were 20 of us sitting in a room for a couple days talking about the Clone Saga. I think it will read much better that way.

To do all of that means I have to go back and rip the old stuff apart. I have to make sure that Glenn and I aren't repeating ourselves a dozen times. I have to go back and chop a lot of my descriptions of the story that came off more like a review and less like a synopsis. And Glenn is going back and touching up some of his old comments. Looking back on the columns after all these years let us see thing from a new perspective. I realized that I was very wordy and opinionated. Glenn felt he was a little harsher on some things than he needed to be. He wants to be the inside voice in the story, guiding the reader through the ins and outs of the story from the perspective of someone who was involved at the time. He doesn't want to come off as too opinionate on some of the creators and their methods, though and is trying to make it as factual as the accounts of one person can be.

All of that 'boring' stuff is what I've been working on through the summer. That was always going to be the hardest part of the book and I'm almost done with it so that's a relief.

By the end of September I want to have all of the new commentary and interviews completed. Howard and Terry are the only ones that I still need to do a lot of work on. The rest of the creators commentary/interviews are in various stages of completion and most of them are already done.

Sometime in late October or early November I want the book to be arranged in the way I'd like it to see press and it will be ready for Glenn to go over and add more info and the rest of the contributors will have a chance to have a look and correct any mistakes or offer last minute thoughts on the subject. It'll also get a pass by Danny Fingeroth who has been very helpful to the whole project.

By December the book should be in the hands of an editor. I'm fortunate that I know some professional editors who like the idea and will take a look at it as a personal favor.

This should put the completion of the book at the end of '08 or sometime in January of '09, which is only about a month off of what I was hoping for. I've been scouting some printers and some publishers so I could have things ready to go to print and have copies ready for the start of con season (New York in February, I believe).

There are two things which may delay the book. The first is if it gets picked up by a major publisher. Due to the fact that publishers work well in advance with the projects they have, there most definately wouldn't be any room for this book on next year's schedule. That's one of the deal makers or breakers that I'll have when it comes down to what to do with the publishing of the book. As much as I'd like the help and support of a big publisher to carry it, I also don't want the interference or delay to do so. If I can find the right mix, then I'm all for it but most likely this thing is going to be self published. Number crunching on that will be done around October when everyone else gets a look at the book.

The other possible delay could happen if freelancing goes well. I was fortunate this summer to be able to work on two very cool projects: The Star Wars Encyclopedia for Random House and the DC Superhero Collection Magazine for Eaglemoss. It took up some time, but I was still able to work on Life of Reilly. I'm looking forward to some more projects from Eaglemoss and I'm trying to get myself considered for a very, very big project from the editors I worked with on the Encyclopedia. It'd be a lot more involved than what I did for the Encyclopedia and it would have to take priority. Depending on how much work is involved, I would maybe have to push back my work on the Reilly book. Possibly, but not likely. I've been pretty good about balancing my schedule and can probably do it again, but it's still a possibility. And if that does happen, it wouldn't only push Reilly back about 6 weeks so it wouldn't be a huge disaster.

So that's the plan. That's what I've been doing and what I hope will be happening over the next 5 months. This book has taken up several years of my life with the initial columns, the planning stages and actual work of the book but the end is near and I am very optimistic about the final product.

More soon!


Josh said...

Thanks for the update, I've been wondering about it for a while.

I still can't wait to get this!

Oscar said...
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Oscar said...

Firstly, why can't I edit a post...that was the reason I deleted my original one.

Anyway, I have been following this project of yours for the last couple of years (i.e. when I found out about it). I am really looking forward to the book.

Thing is, I live in Australia. What would be the possibility of me getting a copy of this?

Just been wondering about it since I heard of the book, thought I would take the time now to ask this question.

Hope that even though I live overseas, I am still able to get a copy of this book. I loved reading the original Life of Reilly and hope that I can read the new stuff you will be adding.

Bane1982 said...

I have been following your Life of Reilly from the start and was pumped to hear about your commitment to finally go back and collect it in a book format way back when. My only question is do you figure it will definitely get to book stores (Chapters, Coles etc) or should/can we put pre-orders in with you. I have bound all of the clones saga in a Hardcover format of 8 books approximately 25 issues a book (looks wonderful on book shelf). I actually contemplating including your Life of Reilly in them until i heard you were producing the book and think it will be a great book end to my bound volumes. Keep up the great work.


Fredrik Adolvsson said...

Is there a possibility for new updates on the projects, a waiting fan like yours truly would enjoy knowing where it's at right now.

Gorga said...

Also really curious about the status of "Life of Reilly"!

I finally read the whole thing as it stands here on Blogger over the past few days and I must admit I love it.

I love it so much I wanted to ask if you have any need of another pair of editing eyes or design eyes or human eyes or hands of any kind to help out in the process of making it a book. I love Spider-Man, I grew up with the Clone Saga, and I like to think I'm a pretty talented guy. Drop me a line if I could be of any help!

Dusk said...

No update in over one year - should we be worried?

Oscar said...

Here is a recent interview with Andrew Goletz:
As close to an update as we will get.

Oscar said...

Hmm, can't post the link properly...just google "life of reilly interview andrew goletz" and it should be the first hit.