Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ride for Kids Charity Event

Ride for Kids ( was started back in Atlanta in 1984 by Mike and Diane Traynor, when a child of a friend of theirs was diagnosed with a brain tumor. They sought help from their friends in the motorcycling community to raise money to help find a cure for the disease. Their success in the first event led to expansion in different cities across the country, and in 1991 Mike and Diane started the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (, devoting all of their time to fundraising efforts for more research into pediatric brain tumors.

Since 1991, The PBTF has been the official charity of the Honda Riders Club of America. The program has raised more than 30 million dollars since its inception, and has become the largest non-profit source of funding for pediatric brain tumor research outside of the government.
The goal of the PBTF is trying to isolate the cause, find a cure and make the quality of life easier for those that are fortunate enough to recover from brain tumors.

Artist Tommy Lee Edwards has taken up the cause for the past several years. He recently had this message for those interested in helping the PBTF: “Dear friends and family. Last year, hundreds of North Carolina bikers and I travelled the triangle area and contributed to a national fundraising total of $4.5 million.

Giving my time as a motorcyclist was my way of showing support for those families battling every day with childhood brain tumors. This year, my hope is to shatter last year’s fundraising efforts by donating not only my time to ride- But also my professional background as an official Star Wars illustrator. I’m thrilled to have the support from Lucasfilm on this truly inspiring fundraising endeavor.

This year Lucasfilm has offered to sponsor me by helping me create a limited edition (300 count) run of Star Wars lithographs. I’ve set up a website for this endeavor ( With every $30 donated on this website, people will get this exclusive Star Wars print sent to them, and know that their money (thru ride for kids) is going DIRECTLY to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Sticking with the theme at hand, I've created an all-new exclusive illustration of speeder-bike troopers for this one-time exclusive print. It measures 30" x 15", and is printed on a high-quality 80# coated stock.

With help from many of you, I was able to raise $2000 for last year’s ride. I plan on smashing last year’s total by offering up this incentive that will hopefully catch the attention of my fans, comic fans, Star Wars fans, and people who just want to help some families battling pediatric brain tumors.”

This is a great event and a great cause and for those of you who are able to donate at least 30 dollars, the lithograph is a wonderful keepsake.

Please feel free to cut and paste the information here and spread the word about the Ride for Kids Charity Event.

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